Always a Blue House, Saddle Road Press

Released: December 2016
Price: $16 plus $3.99 shipping
ISBN: 978-0-9969074-4-6

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This wide-hearted poet does not turn away from the ache of our lives – the ache of a grown daughter watching a parent fade away, the ache of a child yearning for invisibility, the ache of a Daphne seeking to be wild and true / free from others’ hands.
— Martha Andrews Donovan - Dress Her in Silk
Lisa Rizzo’s poems explore the tension implicit in the duality of our lives. In Always a Blue House we accompany her in her search for meaning, for an awareness of whatever the Self is within the experiences of life.
— Steve McDonald - House of Mirrors & Golden Fish, Dark Pond
Lisa Rizzo’s poems range between the earthbound house of human perception and the limitless plane of soul questions elicited by opening one’s heart to the blue angel of poetry.
— Tania Pryputniewicz - November Butterfly



In the Poem an Ocean

Lisa’s chapbook In the Poem an Ocean, Big Table Publishing. 
Released: January 2011
Price: $12 plus $1.89 shipping
ISBN: 978-0-9845733-6-3

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She writes with an eye for the detail that suggests the feel of a place, and with a heart open to the world
— Charlotte Muse - A Story Also Grows
Rizzo’s work helps fill in the ‘spaces between words’ that she never stops noticing. And we keep being gently surprised
— Murial Karr – Toward Dawn
Vivid and evocative…tinged by inevitable regret but ultimately rejoicing…
— Anne Whitehouse -- Bear in Mind