Poetry Guilt - National Poetry Month


For the past few years I’ve participated in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), writing and posting a poem every day (or almost every day) for the entire month of April.

This year I just couldn’t do it. Hence poetry guilt.

But today is a beautiful spring day here in the Bay Area, and I need to remember that poetry will come again. Besides, when has guilt ever done any good? Instead why not offer up this poem for spring.

Bee Song

 we sisters 

visit one sticky 

yellow center 

then the next

nestle our striped

fuzzy bodies inside 

search for sweet 

syrupy beads

rolling in pollen 

till we clothe our legs

in gold

we sigh and hum 

come sing with us

raise your face to light

soak in nectar ecstasy 

mingle your hands 

in blossoms

crabapple spring

—from Always a Blue House